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NWT-SR Learning Series - MD Blogs

Started Mar 11, 2022


Full course description

Each month,  a new 20-30 minute recorded webinar will be made available to you.  These webinars which are available on-demand throughout 2022,  include reflective activities and questions to deepen thinking.  

Monthly topics: 

Feb: Trauma Responsive Practices and Emotional Health
Mar: The Developmental Iceberg (will be unlocked March 31)
Apr: How Anger, Tantrums and Meltdowns Protect your Child (will be unlocked April 30)
May: Are Time Outs an Effective Strategy to Cope with Children’s Challenging Behaviors  (will be unlocked May 31)
Jun: Oppositional Defiance or Faulty Neuroception and Moving Beyond Autism Awareness and Acceptance (will be unlocked June 30)

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